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"After my divorce I was reluctant to date, so I tried Divorced Dating as a way of easing myself back in gently. When I started chatting to Tim he was so understanding. We spoke for weeks before we met and by the time our first date came around it was like seeing an old friend."

Tim and Daisy met on Divorced Dating

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Divorced Dating Success Stories

Clive and Jemma

"When I met Jemma she said she almost hadn’t met me because of my name, but these days, she’s learned to love it. She said it was because she could only think of unattractive Clives, but then she remembered Clive Owen, so it was him that saved me really! Our first date was in a café. We met around 5 and by 7 we were still talking away, nursing our ninth drink each. We sampled every kind of coffee on the menu that afternoon, so by 7 we were high on coffee – and starving! Luckily, the café served food in the evenings, so we were early bird diners and spent another two happy hours there. I’ll never forget that evening and hopefully she won’t either. I’ll be taking her to the same café on Valentine’s Day to propose!"

Met on Divorced Dating and together 11 months

Success Story

Liz and Steve

"As a single dad with two kids I thought it would be hard to find an understanding woman, but Liz got in touch with me after I’d been on Divorced Dating for just a few weeks. She’s got kids around my age too so now that she and I have found each other we’re hoping to become one big family."

Met on Divorced Dating and together 4 months

Success Story

Jan and Mike

"After my divorce came through I decided not to end up feeling dowdy and down in the dumps like so other of my divorced friends did. About a week after my divorce came through I went to the hairdresser’s, got my hair cut into a sharp bob and dyed a fiery red! Then I took a trip to Per Una and went wild! Post mini makeover I felt so great that I didn’t want to waste it. I Joined Divorced Dating and with a photo of the new me I was soon attracting lots of interest. I met Mike after about a month and as soon as we started chatting we realised we had a lot in common. We’d both played Tennis for our counties when we were younger and at 43ish, we were still both very active. Our first date was a bike ride and I ended up putting him through his paces! After that we were inseparable – but he still can’t beat me in the saddle!"

Met on Divorced Dating and together 1 year

Success Story